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Jenelle: The Actress


Jenelle has been acting professionally for over 5 years.  She loves the ability to take on a role and add her own character and flare.  Jenelle has appeared in several music videos, television segments and  public service commercials.   Jenelle would like to expand her acting in to more theater roles while continuing in the television arena.




Great White Throne Judgement      Stage Play                   Trenton, NJ


The Sweetest Cherry                     Kesha                          Kobalt Books Ent.

Hopewell Furnace National

Historic Site Visitor Center Film      Talent                          Argentine Productions

End Game Dark Pawn                   Nia(lead)                      RoJo Productions  

Thanks (Music Video)                   Actress                         Rollo Robertson

My Father's House                        Extra                           Holden Automotive  



"You Touched My Girl?"                Principal                       Personal Protection Academy

"Keep Your Hands off Me!"           Co-star                         Personal Protection Academy

Reebok Easytone                         Extra                           Reebok LTD



CBS-3 Talk Philly                         Bathrobe Model            POSH Boutique

CBS-3 Talk Philly                         Hair Model                   Verde Salon, Celebrity Stylist  Kevin Gatto

CBS-3 Talk Philly                         Hosiery Model               Nicole Young Styles

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