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Jenelle: The Mentor

For 12 years, Jenelle fought an ugly battle with not one, but two eating disorders. Her fixation to be super thin nearly cost her her life. Although Jenelle was very successful in both her modeling and acting career, she had extremely low self confidence.  She constantly compared herself to others she saw as prettier and more desirable.

After treating her body poorly for so long, she is now in repair mode. Where she once used to do anything to be skinny; she’ll now do anything to be healthy. Big difference! Jenelle has a passion for health and fitness and is fueled by her mission to help as many women as possible feel confident in their own skin. Her motto is "being healthy is what we should all be striving towards!"

Jenelle began the saying "Confident in my skin" to embrace the uniqueness in which God created His daughters.  We have been created in His imagine and He made us exactly how He needed.  So whether you are short, have one eye smaller than the other or are pigeon-toed, embrace the beauty and wonder that you have been made it.


In this 3 hour workshop, Jenelle focuses directly on the impact the media plays on how our young girls perceive themselves. Many are ashamed of their beautiful features that God gave them so they try to change to fit into society.

Topics discussed are: what it means to be confident, good examples of role models, their definition of beauty and daily positive affirmations.


Each young lady is challenged to find the beauty within herself so she will be able to share her confidence with the world.

If you are interested in learning more about having Jenelle teach a #CONFIDENTINMYSKIN™ Workshop click here

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