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Jenelle: The Model


Jenelle has been modeling for over 15 years.  She first got her modeling start in Baltimore, MD.  She worked with several photographers and walked in many runway shows in the Baltimore/ DC area.  Once she moved to New Jersey she continued her modeling career and appeared in several print ads as well as runway shows. Jenelle hopes to be an example to aspiring models that you can represent Christ in the modeling industry and you don't have to compromise your beliefs in order to advance in your career.





Vicissitude Winter Fashion 1/12                Magazine                 pgs 9-15    

Vicissitude Fall Fashion 11/11                   Magazine                 pgs 29-30

Never2Funky Back Pocket                       Magazine                  pgs 27-28

da Book Magazine Spring 05                   Denim Ad                  Pg 71

da Book Magazine Winter 04/05              Beauty Section           Pg 75



Kiss Express Color                                   Hair Model            


The Royal Garden Fashion Show                  Runway                     Philadelphia, PA 2/2020

Naked Fashion Show                                   Runway                     Philadelphia, PA 2/13

Intertwined Fashion Show                          Runway                     Philadelphia, PA 1/12

PINKTOBER Rock N Roll Fashion Show         Runway                     Philadelphia, PA 10/11

NJ Fashion Week- Gwen Beloti                     Runway                     Hoboken, NJ 10/11

NJ Fashion Week- Justice Belle                     Runway                     Hoboken, NJ 10/11

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Show                 Runway                     Wilmington, DE 7/11

Journey Into The Sound                              Runway                      Philadelphia, PA 6/11

Kevyn Michael Fashion Show                       Runway                      Philadelphia, PA 6/11

The Sanctuary Salon Hair Show                   Runway                      Philadelphia, PA 4/11

Unparalled Fashion Show                             Runway                      Philadelphia, PA 1/11

**Extensive List Available Upon Request

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