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Obedient to the Assignment

If 'being obedient to the assignment' was a person, would it look like you?

Often the world will say, ask yourself 'what is your why' but that doesn't apply to us in the Kingdom. This morning I was sharing with someone and Holy Spirit told me to say 'remember who is your why'. Who are we doing this for? We do it for the glory of God. We do it because we are obedient to God. We understand the assignment and although the results don't always turn out the way WE may want, they are exactly the way God desires.

Okay, you may not have had the number of people to show up and support that you expected. That doesn't mean failure happened. Failure only happens if you don't try again. Failure only happens if you don't go back to the drawing board and work on a new strategy. Not a new plan, but a different strategy for the same plan. Why do we think we need a to come up with a whole new plan when all we need to do is do ask Father what we need to differently to have His desired outcome.

I challenge you to be obedient to the assignment. Don't throw away the plan because it wasn't successful according to man's standard. God wants you to be able to trust Him when a big sinkhole appears out of nowhere. Will you turn back and go a completely different way? Or will you look up and ask the Father how to overcome the sinkhole?

Be obedient to the assignment.

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