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Jenelle: The Business Woman


Jenelle has been a successful business woman for the past 5 years.  She currently owns an online boutique in addition to being a best selling author. 


Modelthat Lifestyle and Boutique is an online boutique that all things #modelthat: tee shirts, books, journals and more.

This allows for an indirect way for you to share your faith whether you are at work, school, the grocery store, coffee shop; basically anywhere and everywhere. How do you live out your lifestyle?

Enjoy the Modelthat Lifestyle line and there is to offer. 

F.L.O.W. Short Sleeve.jpg
Love Tee.jpg
Lifestyle Yellow Te.jpg
Maroon F.L.O.W. LS.jpg
Worship Pink Hoodie-Zip Up.jpg
Navy Worship Neck Gaiter.jpg
Gray Love Hoodie.jpg
Love Blue Mask.jpg
Modelthat Fanny Pack-Black.jpg
Prayer Pillow Green.jpg
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